August 29, 2019


Major Features

  • Intercom integration for live support
  • Delayed Data Demo Mode
  • Settings Drawer rewrite


  • Fixes for drawing future points
  • Fix typo in Chart Settings
  • Fix auto fit for non-contiguous chart types
  • Better chart time labels
  • Volume background for candlesticks
  • Add initial support for premium features
  • Add upcoming news events

Order Drawer

  • Replace drop-downs with browser native drop-downs
  • Replace Accounts dropdown with accounts widget content

Settings Drawer

  • Restyle main Settings Drawer view
  • Move Platform Settings to Platfrom Settings child view
  • Add more theme and styling options
  • Add Personal Data view and account management
  • Add Password Settings feature
  • Add in app payment options
  • Add Subscription updates options
  • Add Billing History view