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Stop Gain

How do I trail a stop gain to protect positive P/L?

Renko bars

Is it possible to have Reno bars on the chart

Advanced Trade Management (ATM)

Does Finamark has an Advanced Trade Management (ATM) liked NinjaTrader 8?

Flatten Account

Hi, what does this exactly do? I can't find it in the manual. Brgds Koen

Setting a stop for a position I am already in

Hi, I don't understand how to set a stop loss of a position already filled. When I have a pending order, I can edit the order in the orders box. But if I market order into a trade, how can I then edit the already open position to set a stop loss?

bar count down/time left

Hi, Is it possible to have a time left in case of a time-based chart or a tick counter indicating how many ticks remain before a new bar opens at the bottom of the chart?

Multiple contracts and PTs

Lets say I buy 2 CL contracts at the same time for $55 and I want to sell one at 55.25 and the other at 55.75. Is there a way to separate the 2 contracts? I have had incidents where they are separate and can move each to a target individually and other times they are locked together, is there a key combo to split them?

Bar chart type

Is a bar chart type available beside the candlestick?